The Business Analyst is a key agent of organisational change. The role is of increasing importance to organisations. Organisational Agility, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, has become a major competitive force. Organisations have recognised the importance of investing in roles and skills that can recognise opportunities and threats as well as action successful change.

  1. The BA identifies and builds the case for business change:
  • Understands the organisations strategy, critical success factors and key performance indicators
  • Understands and assesses the external environment – opportunities and threats – SWOT analysis
  • Develops business case and options
  • Investigates the area under review and performs the feasibility study


2. Assesses the impact of those changes:

  • Analyses the impact on organisational processes, resources, people and skills
  • Accesses the risks – both internally and externally
  • Understands, documents and communicates end-to end-process


3. Project initiation and management:

  • May contribute to the project’s initiation or closely support senior decision makers
  • Contribute to capture and documentation of issues and risks
  • Stakeholder management


4. Captures requirements:

  • Primary project resource leading the elicitation of requirements using techniques such as interviews, workshops, scenarios, document analysis, observation, questionnaires and prototyping
  • Models the current, logical and future processes and captures data requirements
  • Analyses requirements to ensure they are feasible, prioritised, unambiguous, not conflicted, testable and not solutionised.
  • Document accurate requirements to the agreed standard.
  • Validate requirements using various quality control techniques such as walkthroughs, wireframes
  • Manages the change to requirements and ensures they are traceable.


5. Supports the communication and the delivery of those requirements:

  • Helps to decide delivery phases
  • Assists business implementation
  • Communicates and protects the requirements
  • Communicates with outside suppliers
  • Supports user acceptance testing
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