Agile learning framework

Consulting support for Organisational Learning & Development

We provide consulting support to organisations looking to re-energise or formalise their learning and development programs in the areas of Business Analysis and Agile enablement. We have helped to formulate and roll out learning programs that target critical skills, key professional capabilities and project delivery frameworks. We work with management to discover organisational skills gaps and team capability deficiencies. We help organisations chart a Learning Capability Maturity Model (LCMM). This maps the organisational roles/ learning requirements to an organisational needs matrix. Thus helping a) the individual; to understand the skills and capabilities they need to acquire on their career journey, and b) the organisation; to understand the skills, capabilities and attitude they need to foster.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is a broad term that covers a wide set of business skills and capabilities. The role of Business Analyst (BA) is just one of the many organisational roles that perform Business Analysis as part of their organisational duties. We define the term BA as it relates to anyone internal to the organisation who is responsible for significantly contributing to or enabling change. This ranges from junior BAs, supporting improvements in the operational performance of the organisation, to senior BA roles, involved in competitive analysis and delivery of new business products or services. Traditionally, the role of BA (or the internal change consultant) has been underappreciated and under-invested in, resulting in organisations struggling to have the internal capability to deliver effective change. However, organisations are recognising the benefits of a strong internal BA function within their organisation; the ability to recognise where change is needed and how to deliver it. We focus on helping organisations build the core BA skills including;

  • External and internal environmental analysis
  • Stakeholder identification, analysis and management
  • Root cause analysis
  • Critical path analysis
  • Process modelling
  • Functional modelling
  • Problem-solving
  • Business case
  • Requirements engineering and management
  • Change management
  • Testing
  • Qualitative and quantitative investigative techniques
  • Value stream analysis
  • Benefits focussed delivery

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Closely related to the developing of organisational Business Analysis capabilities is the concept of Agile. In essence, Agile is the ability to deliver change using a collaborative empirical approach. Capable and empowered teams using an iterative; deliver, inspect and adapt approach. Our learning and consultancy experts help organisations understand, prepare and skill up on;

  • the principles of Agile and how they can be applied in your organisational context
  • transforming to Agile readiness planning
  • roles, skills and capabilities planning
  • framework review and adoption – SCRUM, XP, SAFe.
  • Agile mentoring and learning paths
  • Agile scaling


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